Mechanical Electrical Plumbing engineering


Mepco is an independent team of engineering systems’ designers who work with the latest and most effective BIM (design) software. Mepco provides custom BIM engineering services including Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design.  The engineering processes are supported by the latest technology which allows us to manage, co-ordinate and share the properties of the project with clients throughout its lifecycle. Therefore, we are able to liaise with clients remotely maintaining a close relationship despite the distance. We strive to provide high quality, comprehensive and accurate services to our clients. 




At Mepco we believe that digital construction is a reality of today, not the future. We deliver expert mechanical, electrical, and plumbing project solutions. We use the latest technology such as BIM to produce innovative and sustainable design solutions. Designing with BIM software is something we have been practicing for the past eight years. The design phase is of key importance in the building lifecycle and we are proud of being a part of it. With a wide range of different projects completed, Mepco’s team has gained the essential experience designing MEP parts for building design projects. Each and every one of our projects is of high importance to us. Our teams’ common objective is to achieve the engineering excellence on them.


Some of our projects