At Mepco we believe that digital construction is a reality of today, not the future. We deliver expert mechanical, electrical, and plumbing project solutions. We use the latest technology such as BIM to produce innovative and sustainable design solutions. Designing with BIM software is something we have been practicing for the past eight years. The design phase is of key importance in the building lifecycle and we are proud of being a part of it. With a wide range of different projects completed, Mepco’s team has gained the essential experience designing MEP parts for building design projects. Each and every one of our projects is of high importance to us. Our teams’ common objective is to achieve the engineering excellence on them.

It is a fact that people spend almost 90% of their lifetime indoors, so the appropriate air temperature, humidity and the quality of air in the buildings are critically important to our health. Our aim is to create a comfortable living/working place environment while designing the sustainable engineering systems of HVAC. 

We create 3D HVAC systems, so the project looks as realistic as it appears after installation. BIM allows us to join the project design team, co-ordinate it and work together despite the distance.  Nowadays there is a significant amount of different HVAC solutions for buildings and it is Mepco’s responsibility to find the best suitable one for a particular building. 

We think that water is the most important natural resource of the earth. When creating the design of plumbing and sewage systems Mepco‘s engineers care about the water consumption. Potable water design, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, sprinkler systems are just a part of our expertise of work. We provide 3D plumbing design service. It allows us not just to avoid clashes with other engineering systems, but also to use software integrated calculations as well.   

Mepco’s electrical engineers create design of highly efficient lighting, electrical and power installations, photovoltaic elements, etc. While striving for the optimal design scenario on each project, we use lighting modelling software that allows us to reach comprehensive effectiveness. Almost all of the buildings we have designed recently have electric cars’ and bicycles’ charging stations. It is clear for us that electrical design will become even more important while aiming for the best sustainability solutions in the future projects. 

Since 2008 MEPCO engineers carries out energy consulting activities. Fields of our service are - energy audits of buildings and industry, energy performance certificates, consultancies, investment projects, feasibility studies.

Energy audits – for buildings and industrial properties. Energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). In commercial and industrial real estate, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprints, to turn buildings into high-performing assets that operate more economically and reliably, improve occupants’ satisfaction and productivity, and command higher rent and sales premiums.

Energy performance certificates. Energy certificate includes an energy character and a heating character. Energy grade shows how energy efficient your home or building is.  Going from A++ (best) to G (weakest). The grade provides an overall assessment of the building's energy needs, i.e. the number of kilowatt-hours as the building or dwelling is estimated to need per square meter for normal use. Energy rating is based on a calculation of delivered energy, regardless of the actual measured energy.
An energy report is required whenever a building is sold or leased out. According to the legislation, energy performance certificates may only be drawn up by a person who has passed an examination that qualifies them to provide energy certificates.

Energy efficiency consulting, Feasibility studies. Requirements related to the energy and environmental efficiency of the built environment are growing at an increasing pace. New technologies, comprehensive thinking and implementation of new EU directives make the development of the energy efficiency of built environments a field of operations demanding increasingly multidisciplinary competence. Expert energy consultation and calculation play an increasingly important role in building design. Our engineers strongly involved in developing energy efficiency. In an energy review, our experts find out possibilities to reduce energy use. The review results in a clear list of measures, which includes the implementation of solutions, investment needs, affect of the new measures on energy consumption and costs.


Our experienced team of engineers provides BIM modelling services for the clients who require 2D (CAD) projects to be converted into BIM models. We offer to model every part of a building design project: architecture, structure, MEP, etc. A created BIM model can show clashes of the building elements, can shorten construction time scales and contribute to the significant savings over the project’s lifecycle. This service also allows our clients to get the BIM model and to use it on the further building construction phase even if the project was made in a 2D platform.